Obstacle Course

Challenges faced by students

Deciding where to spend four years earning a degree is a huge decision, even more so during a pandemic. According to the “2020 Niche Senior Survey: College Search to Enrollment,” about half of college students said that COVID-19 affected their college search, with 20% delaying their decision. Take a look at the challenges faced by students.

  • 52% I wasn’t able to visit any/many colleges
  • 43% The cost of applying was a burden
  • 37% Standardized testing was a burden
  • 31% Managing different application requirements and deadlines were a challenge
  • 30% I found it challenging to organize my list and compare colleges
  • 28% Application deadlines were earlier than I felt prepared for
  • 15% I did not have a college counselor at my school or they were unable to help me
  • 8% I didn’t find the materials and outreach from colleges helpful
  • 4% My family is not supportive of me attending college
  • 29% I faced other challenges not listed
  • 10% I had no issues